Download Your Stages Report

Congratulations on completing the questions and identifying which Stage of the business lifecycle your company is currently placed in.

Shirlaws has worked with more than 3,500 businesses in the UK and globally, and we know how powerful the Stages framework can be.

The Stages diagram demonstrates, from left to right, the lifecycle that every business travels through – from Start-up to, perhaps, Advanced Growth.  

Remember – we all move through this journey at our own pace. Be sure to bookmark the Stages tool so you can share it with your colleagues and complete it again in the future –

Your personalised, Stages specific report is below. We also know that many entrepreneurs are curious - you want to know more about other Stages of the business lifecycle, from those you have experienced to those that lie ahead. 

For this reason, we have included all of the Stages reports below. Click to download yours, and feel free to review others to note the differences and similarities. 

What next? 

If you have any questions, or would like an opportunity to discuss your business with a Shirlaws coach who understands the opportunities at your stage in the lifecycle, email or call us 01483 549962. 

We run regular events designed for business owners at all stages of their journey - whether that's growing, funding or exiting your business. Visit for details and to register. 

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Invest - First Brick Wall

Good Times


Frustration / Stress

Disillusioned - Second Brick Wall

Research and Re-Energised

Advanced Growth