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Training & Workshops

Empowering your team to transform your business

Workshop overview

Through our training and workshops, we share our industry-leading intellectual property, transferring foundational business skills to our clients and creating value that endures.

These training sessions help business leaders address issues from how to improve efficiency and drive revenue growth in the near-term to how to set a clear growth strategy, how to cultivate a high-performance culture and when to raise capital.


The purpose of the Revenue Workshop is to teach business leaders how to identify where blocks are occurring within their revenue generating cycle and provide tools and techniques to build strategy to deal with these blocks and enable the business to grow.


The Product Workshop is centered on a framework called “ACM", which stands for Architecture Content Marketability. The Workshop teaches business leaders the framework and outlines the key aspects which need to be included when building / developing products and creating intellectual property for businesses.


The Positioning Workshop teaches business leaders how to create more focus in their business. Customers have more options today and learn about them faster through social media and other forms of communication. It is more important today than ever for businesses to be clear on their value proposition and to align all aspects of the business to its positioning choice. Otherwise, the competition will position the business.


The Channels Workshop teaches business leaders how to accelerate growth through developing key relationships that serve as an external sales force. Our research shows that businesses tend to focus on only half of the equation that is necessary to build successful channels.

Sales Training Workshop

The Sales Training Workshop provides a new perspective on what is required to increase conversion of client opportunities. Up-Sell Product Solution (UPS) outlines the choices a business has in relation to the types of sales processes in which it can engage and the results which will be achieved by each choice. After completing this workshop Management Teams will be able to select and adopt the correct choices, tools and techniques to drive sales in their businesses.

Client Servicing

The Client Servicing Workshop teaches business leaders about the difference between “Standards” and “Extras”, which helps business manage energy within a client relationship. This training equips management teams and sales personnel with techniques and tools to develop, maintain and maximize different types of client relationships.


The Infrastructure Workshop provides business leaders with new tools and techniques to increase efficiency and productivity in the business. As businesses grow, there are certain times when significant upgrades are required to how workload is managed and allocated to sustain current and future growth. This workshop will provide business leaders with the tools needed to ensure the success of their business.


The Capacity Workshop teaches a simple yet powerful approach to developing strategy by giving business leaders the knowledge to be able choose the right type of strategy. The Capacity framework is a tool that supports the ability of business leaders to control their growth as it moves through the various phases of its business journey.


The Functionality Workshop teaches business leaders how to improve the productivity of their most valuable asset – people. All businesses have a methodology to allocate money (operating budgets and capex budgets), yet the same rigor is not typically applied to dynamically allocating people’s time to the changing needs of the organization. This workshop helps leaders and businesses ensure they’ve got the right people doing the right things at the right time to support business growth.


The Capability Workshop teaches business leaders a framework to assess the level of organizational skill needed to achieve its vision. We teach a framework that provides a simple yet powerful methodology to support improved decision making and focus, and a scorecard for strategy implementation.

Market Specific Information


Pricing ranges from CAD 5,000 to 10,000 per month based on one session per month.

For more information please email us infocanada@shirlawscoaching.com or call us directly at +1-604-921-1630 today!

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