Fast-Track Your Business Growth - Complimentary Events Across the UK!

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Fast-Track Your Business Growth - Complimentary Events Across the UK!

Shirlaws Group has partnered up with leading professional services company Peninsula Group to provide a series of Fast-Track Your Business Growth events across the UK for business owners. These events cover a variety of topics such as how to accelerate your business growth, how to manage your people for growth and how to identify where you are on your business journey in order to secure advanced, sustainable growth. The only investment required is a couple of hours of your time.

These complimentary breakfast events will be hosted by Shirlaws Group and Peninsula Group at a range of exclusive venues up and down the country, with locations already confirmed in Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Manchester, Brighton, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds. Other locations may also be added at a later date.

By attending one of our Fast-Track Your Business Growth events, you will gain valuable insight into:

Shirlaws are market-leaders when it comes to applying corporate mathematics and methodology to the SME market, and Peninsula are the leading HR, employment law and health & safety consultancy firm in the UK, having helped nearly 30,000 businesses with expert service and advice, so these events will be incredible valuable for business owners with a turnover of £1m+ looking for ways to accelerate their business growth.

Whether you are currently experiencing good times with staff numbers and margins increasing, or tougher times with diminishing profits and HR headaches, these Fast-Track Your Business Growth events will help give you a wider perspective of where you are on your journey and what to expect in the future. What got you here, won’t get you there, so knowing what is around the corner and how to adapt is a key part of how Shirlaws can strategically help you move forward. Using core frameworks such as capability, capacity, functionality, culture and intent, Shirlaws can help you streamline and improve, becoming a more efficient leader and business, giving you more money, more time and less stress to start enjoying the perks and lifestyle that being a successful business owner should allow.

We look forward to seeing you there!


BIRMINGHAM - 12.09.17

CARDIFF - 19.09.17

LONDON - 26.09.17

MANCHESTER - 28.09.17

BRIGHTON - 03.10.17

SOUTHAMPTON - 10.10.17

EDINBURGH - 17.10.17

GLASGOW - 26.10.17

LIVERPOOL - 31.10.17

NEWCASTLE - 01.11.17

LONDON - 21.11.17

LEEDS - 07.12.17

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