Leading People and Culture in Uncertain Times - The Agenda

Suki Laniado Smith
Leading People and Culture in Uncertain Times - The Agenda

On 9th and 10th May 2017, Shirlaws Group UK will be hosting our annual conference; this year focusing on Leading People and Culture in Uncertain Times

We've a packed agenda with world-class speakers, including Tim Leberecht, international speaker and author of the best-seller, The Business Romantic.

Here's what you can expect from the two days.

Day 1: Tuesday 9th May

Session 1: Leadership in Uncertain Times

Leading business in the uncertain times of the 21st century is different to what has gone before. Leaders today need to develop their leadership muscle to adapt to the uncertainty they face on a daily basis. Discover practical tools that will allow you to identify what leadership skills and capabilities you already possess that support you today and what other skills and capabilities you may need to develop to thrive in these uncertain times.

Session 2: Millennials Work for Purpose, Not a Paycheque

Gone are the days where employees are loyal to one company for their entire careers. Your team are no longer solely driven by wealth creation, but does your business have a vision that will provide direction and meaning, and enable you to retain your best talent? Giving your employees a purpose will enable them to visualise a future with your business.

Session 3: Culture as a Strategic Asset

Culture is a much talked about term today, however, from the Shirlaws perspective, culture is simply not an adjunct to the way the business operates, rather it must be integrated into all areas of the business as it is the foundation upon which a business is built. In this session, you will discuss and explore how culture can be used to 'future proof' your business and accelerate the achievement of boths its commercial aims and the development of future assets.

Session 4: Transforming Organisational Design to Unlock the Best in Your People

Organisational design supports business performance - how well a business performs is directly linked to how the organisation is designed and people work together. In these uncertain times, is the historic design of an organisation fit for purpose? Does a command and control structure still work and will it sustain the organisation's growth? What changes to organisation design need to be considered in order to success in a volatile world? What is the impact of digital technology on your business structure?

Dinner with after-dinner speaker, Tim Leberecht.

Day 2: Wednesday 10th May

Session 1: Developing Talent in the Workplace

It is a truism that "talent is a business' most important asset". The development of talent is directly linked to retention, yet surveys over the past few years reveal there is a disparity between employees' perceptions of engagement and development opportunities, and those of the leaders in the business. Begin to develop a new strategy for retaining your best people, ensuring they have the skills that will enable them to thrive in the future and creating an appropriate leadership bench for the business.

Session 2: Panel Discussion

During this session, a select panel of Shirlaws experts will be joined by a number of guest speakers to discuss topical issues within the areas of:

  • Managing change
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Work life balance

Session 3: Breakout Workshops (select your session from below):

A: The Six Leadership Styles and When to Use Them

Learn about the six leadership styles: consulting, training, mentoring, facilitation, collaboration and coaching. Identify when to use each style, and learn some practical techniques and skills for dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty.

B: Attracting Talent in Today's Markets

Candidates are savvier than before - they have access to information about your business and sometimes appear to know more about your business than you do. Recruitment has become social and transparent, and businesses need to be where their candidates are, that is on social networks, that allow them to learn about your brand. This session will look at some practical activities and strategies that can be developed to ensure that your recruitment strategies will put you where your candidates are, so you can source and attract the best talent.

Session 4: Working with Five Generations in the Marketplace

By 2020, there will be five generations working together in the workplace, with Millennials comprising circa 50% of the workforce. The generational balance is shifting. Each of these generations has different values and beliefs, and a lens for looking at the world, not to mention what work means to them.

Working with peers and colleagues, in this session, you will explore and investigate what it will take for your business to adapt to these generations, and begin to develop a plan for managing and supporting each of the generations so that the opportunities and advantages they bring can be harnessed to build strong business growth.

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Suki Laniado Smith