What Do High Value Businesses Do Differently?

When you balance the commercial and the culture in your business, you realise your true value.

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The Impact of Time Horizons on the Process of Change

Could the inability to connect with a vision that is too far away be a reason why change initiatives flounder?

A Process for Making Change Effective in Challenging Times

Using ELM, we can map where everyone in the organisation is ideally situated and identify gaps where skill sets will be needed as the business plans for change.

Tech Entrepreneurs Need Leadership and Management Skills

All entrepreneurs want their ideas to live on into the future and for this to happen they need to learn how to develop and scale their businesses in the present

3 Ways to Enhance Your Employees’ Work-Life Balance

3 key areas leaders need to review in order to attract, manage and retain talent for the new generation in the workplace and help their employees to achieve work-life balance

Habits of Successful Leadership: The Simple Way to Mitigate the Brexit Effect

Consider Brexit – Leaders’ beliefs and behaviours have a ripple effect on the teams around them

Product Focus


A business can grow rapidly and then get stuck at the same level… It’s only then that an owner realises that they need to change their focus. Sometimes it can take years before the profitable penny drops.

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