What is the No.1 Challenge Facing Business Owners Right Now?

A San Francisco Bay Area perspective on the biggest hurdle facing business owners right now: the ability to attract and retain key employees

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What’s Your Entrepreneurial Style?

Having clear data on your entrepreneurial style is going to accelerate your personal, business and leadership growth.

Is the Impact of Intangible Assets on Valuation Understood?

When looking at businesses today we have to increasingly look under the hood to see what are the ‘Intangible Assets’

What Impact Does Your Behaviour Have on Your Business?

What kind of leader are you? How do you feel your leadership performance is affecting your business?

Effective Communication – It’s Not That Difficult!

We are currently operating in a very fast paced, challenging time that is constantly changing, so effective communication is imperative.

Great Leaders Do Three Things of Especial Pertinence in Uncertain Times

In challenging times, successful leaders are those that keep the focus on their organisation’s sense of purpose and direction.

Product Focus


A business can grow rapidly and then get stuck at the same level… It’s only then that an owner realises that they need to change their focus. Sometimes it can take years before the profitable penny drops.