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Scaling your business.
Creating your Jump

Linear growth is a myth. All businesses grow in Jumps.


We interviewed 700 small businesses…

We interviewed 700 small businesses to determine whether the same “growth and stall trends” that happen in big business occur in the SME market. They do. 

Businesses grow in Jumps, but businesses can also get stuck.

We call these “stall points” business black holes, predictable sticking points on your business journey. The first 5 black holes occur at 80k, 750k, 17m, 170m and 700m. Companies can get stuck in these black holes for years without understanding why and crucially, what to do.

It takes investment, structural change and a lot of courage to Jump these “black holes”.

Because we know that the numbers behind all businesses are the same we can work with you to provide you with the confidence to make the JUMP to faster and bigger growth.

The Shirlaws Conference Boxset

35 episodes of practical business advice for the entrepreneur looking for real, sustainable growth.


Darren Shirlaw, Co-founder of the Shirlaws Group, and international economic commentator, takes the audience on a journey through the Jump framework, from the mathematics behind all businesses, over the often catastrophic business black holes, showing the room exactly what you need to do at each stage to create your jump.

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The predictable problem of business black holes

People great. Profits great. But do you know about the mathematics sitting behind your business? If you add mathematics to your profits, people and efficiency you’ll get a dramatically better outcome.

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Using ‘Compass’ to jump your business

Traditional personality profiling tools, although useful sometimes ‘box’ individuals into specific types, leaving them feeling they have little room to manoeuvre. This article describes four key indicators we have developed to enable change and support your Jump journey.

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