Growth to Exit

Evolution CBS and Shirlaws combine to support SMEs to create equity value. Business sales advisers Evolution CBS and international business consulting firm Shirlaws Group, are to collaborate to bring a new range of ‘Growth to Exit’ services to the SME market.

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The importance of language

Picture the scene.... You're at a friends house for a dinner party. In the room are some people you know, some you don't. Before you sit down to eat, you're introduced to some of the new faces. After the initial exchanges (hi my name is, so how do you know etc) you get asked; so what do you do?

How valuable is your business exactly?

We all know this easy answer to this...whatever someone is willing to pay. It's true, but not massively helpful when planning the strategic direction of a company and how you, as the owner, may sell it one day for a pleasing sum of money.

Going 'Beyond Business' - FiB Summit 2016

In this series of articles, we talk to Dani Saveker, founder of Families in Business and the mastermind of Beyond Business; the first Families in Business Summit. Dani explains the thinking behind the event and what sets it apart from other business forums.

Sharing the Shirlaws’ Secret Sauce

One Ingredient: Red Blue Black

Why has Brexit been so unsettling?

Being in Australia it’s hard to imagine what is happening in the UK right now. As we have many colleagues over there, we are remaining close to the issues and tuned in to how the country is responding.

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Product Focus


A business can grow rapidly and then get stuck at the same level… It’s only then that an owner realises that they need to change their focus. Sometimes it can take years before the profitable penny drops.

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